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What is Homogenisation?

When it comes to dairy, there are more than a few technical terms that can make choosing the right milk for your family difficult. We often get calls here at Maleny Dairies from people wanting to understand the process our milk goes through. So, we have put together this guide to help our customers choose the right milk for them.

Homogenisation is a process in which the fat globules in milk are broken up into a smaller, more consistent size in order to distribute them evenly throughout the milk. When milk is not homogenised the fat, which is less dense than the milk, floats to the surface and sits on top of the milk as a layer of cream. Our Farmer’s Choice (Gold Top) is not homogenised and so has a varying layer of cream on top. We do not use any chemicals during this process.

What is Pasteurisation?

Pasteurisation is the process of heating up the milk to kill any bad bacteria before rapidly cooling it again. Here at the factory in Maleny, we heat the milk to a minimum of 72.5 c° for 15 seconds and then reduce the temperature back down to below 4c°. It is a legal requirement that all milk in Australia that is sold for consumption must be at least pasteurised. We often get requests for raw milk but we cannot legally sell this.

Is Maleny Dairies Milk Permeate Free?

This seems to be at the top of people’s lists. The simple answer is yes, it is permeate-free but to understand this better you need to understand what permeate is. Permeate is a by-product of a process called membrane filtration which is a method of concentrating milk components. Permeate consists of water, lactose (the natural sugar in milk), vitamins & minerals. It may be used to standardise milk components in some products.

Standardisation is the process in which milk components like fat and protein may be added or removed to give a consistent product. Our full cream milks are not standardised here at Maleny Dairies as we prefer to give you what the cows give us. With our full cream milk these components will vary depending on the seasons, weather, grass growth and herd health.

Which Milk is Best for You?

We make three different types of white milk here at Maleny Dairies: Low Fat (Red Top), Full Cream (Blue Top) and Farmer’s Choice (Gold Top). We like Farmer’s Choice, but both other types of white milk have their virtues too. Here’s the low down.

Our Farmer’s Choice (Gold Top) is a pasteurised only milk and so has a layer of cream on top. The milk is golden in colour due to the high butterfat content of the Guernsey breed milk. It is the least processed of our milk range and is popular with young children who are making the transition from formula to regular milk as it has a sweet, buttery flavour.

Our Full Cream (Blue Top) milk is great for making smooth creamy coffees and is popular with baristas.

Our low-fat milk is 98% fat-free and is popular with people who are monitoring their fat intake or who dislike the richness of full-fat milk.

Does Your Milk Have An Additives Or Preservatives?

The important thing to know about our milk is that nothing is added and nothing is taken away. We use absolutely no additives or preservatives and we do not add sugar. We believe that milk should be a natural product and encourage the public to continue to ask questions about the source of their food and drink, the processes it has gone through and its ingredients. If you have more questions for us please email them through to

If you would like to learn more, join us for a Farm and Factory Tour and see the process first hand from the cow to the bottle, we’ve got nothing to hide.

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