Maleny Dairies is a premium milk company situated in the picturesque hills of Maleny, on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland Australia. The owner / operators, the Hopper’s, have been farming this land since 1948 and are the fourth generation to run the property. In the year 2000, the milk industry was deregulated forcing thousands of farmers around Australia to close their farms. We too faced an uncertain future, but decided that we would fight back, by building our own processing and bottling plant. That’s the beginning of the Maleny Dairies story and we’ve been proudly powering on since then. Read on for more information.


Have proudly been working this land and living here since 1948. We’ve seen many changes and fought to provide a living for ourselves and other farmers.


As Maleny Dairies has expanded, we have purchased milk from other local farmers, paying a much higher rate per litre of milk. Endorsing sustainability.


We have had Guernseys since we first started. Why stick with the Guernseys? Simply because their milk is the best. It tastes good and is good for you too.


Great Grandfather Hopper purchased the land in 1948 and we initially began as a cream only farm. After we built our own processing and bottling plant early this century, due to the deregulation of the industry and our fight to survive, we expanded. We began purchasing milk from other local farmers on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The flexibility and control afforded to us, by managing our own plant, has facilitated the opportunity for us to pay our farmers at a much higher rate per litre of milk. In turn, this has enabled each farmer to keep their herds healthy and their farms viable.

The combined efforts of Harold and Dorothy Hopper the parents of Ross, Keith, Kay and Beth, the family embarked on a massive journey to restructure the Dairy and bring their plans to fruition. The newly restructured Maleny Dairies commenced operation in December 2002 and the company received an overwhelmingly positive response from their consumers. For that we are very appreciative and we say thank you for your support of our dairy, our farmers and our industry.

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The Guernsey (bred on the Channel Island of Guernsey), is genetically a very old breed which has been tested and shown to have around 95% Beta Casein proteins. They are also known to produce the highest percentage of A2 protein. Guernseys produce milk that is high in protein and butterfat and has a creamy golden appearance and taste.

At Maleny Dairies, God blessed us with a cow called ‘Belladonna’ which became a Guernsey world champion, breaking the records in milk, butterfat and protein. Belladonna peaked at an amazing 70.5 litres of milk in one day. Considering that an average cow gives approx. 15 litres in a day, she truly was an amazing cow. If you get a chance, give the Guernsey milk a go. You will find this milk under the Farmer’s Choice Gold Top label.

We constantly hear this comment … “This is how milk use to taste when I was a Kid!” Use our Store Locator, to find a shop near you.

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