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Find the perfect recipe using out delicious Maleny Dairies products!


A classic baked custard tart recipe the family will love!

A delicious and decadent snack, perfect for impressing guests or to unwind with a cup of coffee!

Cheese Scones. Is there anyone who doesn’t LOVE a cheese scone?


This blueberry yoghurt loaf is great for picnics with your family, or even popping a small slice in your kids' lunch boxes.


With no sugar and only 6 grams of carbs, here's to Ice Cream!


Smooth pastry made with out beautiful sour cream


With a delicate meringue crust and soft marshmallow insides, top with cream and fruit for a pav that will steal the show at any gathering!


Making butter is one of those impressive things to do, but it is incredibly easy!


These little pastry puffs are like profiteroles but a whole lot easier to make. Fill them with a tangy lemon cream for a tasty dessert.


In 6 easy steps, make your own homemade Tzatsiki with Maleny Dairies Natural Yoghurt - no preservatives or additives, just fresh ingredients!


A delicious cob loaf for your get together is always a winner!

scone photo.jpg

Try this foolproof scone recipe is made with our delicious sour cream.

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