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Hi, I’m Alice! I am a purebred Guernsey gal.

I was born here at Maleny Dairies back in 2020. My genetics date back to the Hopper’s original Ellendean Guernsey lines that were established back in 1948!


I have a very special job hanging out at the MilkBar meeting and greeting people from all walks of life! I have met thousands of hooomans since becoming the MilkBar mascot - my favourites are the ones with big straw hats or flowy dresses. They taste great!

I enjoy licking people, eating clothes, getting scratches, and taking naps.


It’s not all eating and sleeping though, I do lots of important things as well!

I am an ambassador for Ceres Tags, sporting my very own ‘Ceres Ranch Tag’, (I was actually the first cow in Australia to get one!) this helps my hooomans keep an eye on me on my days off and make sure I’m not getting up to mischief but also to collect data that can help with biosecurity and animal welfare in the dairy industry!

I have a lot of important meetings too. I have met politicians, famous Chef’s, moosicians, radio presenters and I’ve featured in newspapers and news segments! I’m a bit of cow celebrity…

I hangout with my people from 9am-2:30pm! Outside those hours you can find me lazing around in the paddock, eating grass and hanging out with my cow friends.

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