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In June 2022, Maleny Dairies commenced a partnership with Brisbane-based agtech company Ceres Tag. The pilot involves tagging 10 cows with  solar-powered GPS trackers, that communicate directly with satellites to monitor activity levels, temperature and if the animal is being attacked or behaving abnormally.

"With Ceres Tag, we can use technology and data to prove how well we run our herd and our business, " states Stephen Tait, CEO, Maleny Dairies. 

Greg Campbell, General Manager - Projects at Ceres Tag highlights "the tags provide proof of provenance to producers' customers."

Click here for more information about Ceres Tag,

Below is a demonstration of the cows currently tagged and where they are currently located on the property.



       Tagged cows

      Water troughs

      Click to view cow movements

Screenshot (4).png
Screenshot (4).png

Above: Greg Cambell, General Manager- Projects Ceres Tag and Stephen Tait, CEO, Maleny Dairies

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