Maleny Dairies white milk is available in three types: Farmer’s Choice (Gold Top), Full Cream (Blue Top) and Low Fat (Red Top). The important thing to know about our white milk range, is that nothing is added and nothing is taken away. We use absolutely no additives or preservatives and we do not add sugar. We believe that milk should be a natural product and that’s what we provide to you. Our award-winning milk comes in a range of sizes. Use our store locator to find the closest shop to you.


Old fashioned milk with the cream on top! Our Farmers Choice Milk is pasteurised only, this minimal processing delivers you a milk that is as close to nature as is legally possible to sell. It’s golden colour is due to the high butterfat content of the Guernsey breed milk. Fresh, best, naturally.

Available in 1-2-3 Litres


Our Blue Top milk has been pasteurised and homogenized. Homogenisation is a mechanical, not chemical process. It gently blends the cream in the milk to provide a smoother finish. This ensures a uniform consistency, whilst retaining that rich creamy taste that is so highly prized.

Available in 300 & 500ml, 1-2-3 Litres bottles & 10 Litre bags.


Our low-fat milk is 98% fat-free. Interestingly, the proteins present in low fat milk are untouched during its processing, so it remains highly nutritious, packed with calcium and is a good source of vitamin D. A great tasting, quality milk, with quite simply, less fat. Pasteurised and homogenised.

Available in 1-2-3 Litres bottles & 10 Litre bags.





The Best Milk

Where To Buy

Maleny Dairies products are available at stores across the Sunshine Coast, with some distributors in Brisbane.


Care for our land and our animals will always remain at the heart of our business and we are extremely proud of our herd of Guernsey girls. They live happy, healthy lives on our beautiful pastures here on the Sunshine Coast. We’re pretty sure, that’s why our milk tastes so good! So, let us tell you more about the benefits of Guernsey milk.

Guernsey milk is high in Beta-Carotene, found in the lush green grass here in Maleny. This is not digested and broken down by Guernsey Cows and it is this, that gives the milk its rich golden colour. Our Farmers Choice (Gold Top) is also high in the Beta-Casein A2 protein, which many customers are attracted to, as they find it easier to digest and gentler on their stomachs. Interestingly, there is three times the amount of Omega 3 in Guernsey milk. You may find that the level of cream on the top of our Farmers Choice milk may vary from time to time, this is due to weather conditions and the seasons. Being a natural product, we choose not to add anything to our milk to keep it consistent, we think you prefer it that way.

Now we do need to point out, for (boring) legal reasons, whilst our herd of Guernsey’s is (almost) all Guernsey there remains a small amount of other breeds, Jersey for example in the herd. We work closely with an established group of local farmers that share our values and contribute their milk to our dairy for processing, packaging and sale.

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